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Respect and tradition of flavors

Mascarin is an agri-food company based in Reunion Island with a workforce of 40 staff; it posted €17 million turnover in 2011.
We operate several activities in the sugar product sector, our core business remaining cane sugar storage, packaging and marketing.

Our other lines of business include:

  • manufacturing and marketing of Mascarin brand chocolate (bars, sweets, Easter eggs, Christmas boxes, etc.);
  • packaging and marketing Mascarin brand syrups and the Rivière du Mât brand range of rums;
  • trading major brands such as St Michel, Bonne Maman, Teisseire, Old El Paso, Géant Vert and Marie Brizard: this allows us to offer a wider range of products at local level.

Our activity is located on two different sites:

  • our logistics centre, packaging warehouse and head office in the ZAC 2000 business park;
  • our chocolate factory in ZAC des Tamarins industrial estate.

Mascarin was granted ISO 9001 certification in 2008; we are a quality-oriented company with a threefold objective:

  • Meeting clients’ needs;
  • Meeting market demand;
  • Constantly improving our quality management system.

Our R&D Department is proactively focused on developing new products in both our confectionery fruit-based product ranges and continually improving our manufacturing processes.

Mascarin’s policy is to optimise the management of our operation sites and establish efficient partnerships with our manufacturing subcontractors. Our logistics department ensures day-to-day control of customer deliveries and we also have bonded storage capacity.


Mascarin handles 30,000 tonnes of sugar a year, including 8,000 tonnes sold locally.

The range comprises 15 products:

  • BtoB: 25-kg bags and 1-tonne big bags, brown and white;
  • BtoC: 500g, 1- or 2-kg brown caster sugar packs; 1-kg white caster sugar packs; 1-kg white or brown sugar lump boxes, 5-kg cartons of brown and white sugar sachets.


Mascarin selects the best cocoa to produce chocolate with both strong flavour and smooth texture. With its 20 years’ experience and the skill of its Master Chocolate Maker, Mascarin is the only company producing quality chocolate in Reunion Island.

We prefer to use local flavours, which allows us to market a wide range of different products offering delightfully intense, rich taste sensations.

We market 5 different ranges:

  • Tradition: Mascarin’s entry-level range of classic products (milk, white or dark);
  • Dessert: authentic, aromatic gourmet products, perfect for all desserts;
  • Connoisseur;
  • Filled chocolate: Mascarin’s original range, delicious bars filled with Reunion Island fruit;
  • Gourmet: a blend of quality cocoa and selected ingredients from Reunion Island.

Fruit syrups

Mascarin syrups are available in 3 ranges:

  • Classic: 12 standard and exotic flavours in 1L bottles;
  • Selection: high-end products made with fruit, pure cane sugar and natural colourings for superior flavour and authenticity;
  • 2 Cocktail syrups: brown and white cane syrup in 50cl bottles.


The Rivière du Mât distillery, located on the east coast of Reunion Island, produces a selection of very fine rums. Rivière du Mât’s new distillation process makes all the difference, producing a lighter, more aromatic and elegant rum.

La gamme de Rivière du Mât se décompose de la manière suivante :

  • Young rum : not aged
  • Old rum : aged in oak casks for 3 to 5 years
  • Very old rum : aged in oak casks for more than 5 years old
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