Monday, 27 May 2024
Our Sélection range syrups are flavoured drinks made with fruit, pure cane sugar and natural colourings for a tastier, more authentic experience. A line of products with Reunion Island flavours in a stylish bottle. Sélection range syrups mean more: - Naturalness - Fruit - Taste - Freshness Flavours: Peppermint, Rose, 3 Lemon Tea, Litchi, Pineapple, Orange & Passion Fruit. Volume : 50 cl

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  • Pulpizz Lemon Bio

    Pulpizz Lemon Bio

    This lemon juice, made from organic lemon pulp with no added sugar, colour...
  • Mascarin Sélection Pineapple

    Mascarin Sélection Pineapple

    The rich aromas of this syrup will transport you to the tropics. ...
  • Mascarin Sélection Litchi

    Mascarin Sélection Litchi

    This syrup, made from litchi juice, will immediately conjure up all the mi...
  • Mascarin Sélection Rose

    Mascarin Sélection Rose

    A syrup with the subtle flavour of roses, to bring out the best in the mos...
  • Mascarin Sélection 3-Lemon Tea

    Mascarin Sélection 3-Lemon Tea

    This delightful mixture of lemon, lime and kaffir lime is perfect for a re...
  • Mascarin Sélection Peppermint

    Mascarin Sélection Peppermint

    A mint flavour that will keep you extra cool....
  • Mascarin Sélection Orange & Passion Fruit

    Mascarin Sélection Orange & Pass

    This syrup combines both mild and tangy flavours, a perfect balance for an...