Friday, 23 February 2024
A syrup maker since 1975, Mascarin has developed a range of typical, traditional flavours. All syrups are made with pure cane sugar. Flavours include the traditional sugarcane, mint and grenadine, as well as the more original coconut, exotic, tamarind, Bibop blue and Chwing. These authentically flavoured syrups will bring a special touch to your drinks, cocktails and even your recipes.

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Classic range

  • Cane sugar syrup

    Cane sugar syrup

    Will bring out the best in any cocktail! ...
  • Bibop Strawberry Bonbon

    Bibop Strawberry Bonbon

    This syrup can be used to make granita for the kids or cocktails for adult...
  • Coconut syrup

    Coconut syrup

    Rediscover all the intensity of coconut, with this pure cane syrup. ...
  • Exotic syrup

    Exotic syrup

    This syrup brings together all the exotic fruit found in the islands, tran...
  • Aniseed syrup

    Aniseed syrup

    This flavour is often found in cakes and biscuits, and will add a little e...
  • Bibop Blue syrup

    Bibop Blue syrup

    A syrup designed specially for children, which will turn their tongues blu...
  • Bibop Chwing syrup

    Bibop Chwing syrup

    The authentic taste of chewing gum, sure to be a hit with kids! ...
  • Strawberry syrup

    Strawberry syrup

    You won’t be short of inspiration, with this delicious flavour, while it...
  • Grenadine syrup

    Grenadine syrup

    Spend the summer sipping this refreshing syrup ...
  • Orgeat (Almond) syrup

    Orgeat (Almond) syrup

    A vital ingredient for any original cocktail. ...
  • Tamarind syrup

    Tamarind syrup

    A slightly tangy syrup, to refresh your tastebuds and help them (re)discov...
  • Lemon syrup

    Lemon syrup

    A flavour that cannot fail to slake any thirst, thanks to its full flavour...
  • Mint syrup

    Mint syrup

    A refreshing syrup, perfect for diabolos, cocktails or even in milk, for a...
  • New
    Swizz Cola

    Swizz Cola

    Dilute with still water or – for a real fizzy soda – with sparkling wa...