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Mascarin: The Art of Chocolate...

Mascarin selects the best cocoa to produce chocolate with both strong flavour and smooth texture. With its 20 years’ experience and the skill of its Master Chocolate Maker, Mascarin is the only company producing quality chocolate in Reunion Island. We prefer to use local flavours, which allows us to market a wide range of different products offering delightfully intense, rich taste sensations. We market 5 different ranges: Tradition: Mascarin’s entry-level range of classic products (milk, white or dark); Dessert: authentic, aromatic gourmet products, perfect for all desserts; Connoisseur; Filled chocolate: Mascarin’s original range, delicious bars filled with Reunion Island fruit; Gourmet: a blend of quality cocoa and selected ingredients from Reunion Island.

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  • Mascarin Milk Crunchy Caramel Saint-Leu Salt

    Mascarin Milk Crunchy Caramel Saint-L

    A pinch of Reunion salt brings out the taste of this combination of milk c...
  • Mascarin Milk Crispy Praline

    Mascarin Milk Crispy Praline

    Our Chocolate Maker's art at its best: beneath a crisp, thin layer of deli...
  • Noir Letchis Dark Lychee

    Noir Letchis Dark Lychee

    This chocolate stuffed with lychee pulp utterly encapsulates the exotic sp...
  • Dark Passion Fruit

    Dark Passion Fruit

    An exquisite chocolate show casing the full flavour of passion fruit....
  • Milk Strawberry Guava

    Milk Strawberry Guava

    Indulge in this filled-chocolate and discover the pleasant taste of strawb...
  • Milk Caramel Vanilla

    Milk Caramel Vanilla

    The latest of the range, this delicate mix reveals the full flavour of van...
  • Milk pineapple

    Milk pineapple

    Our pineapple-filled milk chocolate brings out the flavour of this quintes...
  • Milk Banana

    Milk Banana

    Chocolate and banana is a classic mix, but this recipe is unique. ...
  • Milk Honey Rum

    Milk Honey Rum

    You will be delighted by the harmonious combination of honey and rum. ...
  • Mascarin White Fondant Bourbon Vanilla

    Mascarin White Fondant Bourbon Vanill

    World-renowned Bourbon Vanilla sensuously blends with exquisite white choc...
  • New
    White Crispy Lemon Biscuit

    White Crispy Lemon Biscuit

    Beneath a unique lemon tang, experience the stunning blend of mellow white...

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    Special: €2.80

Gourmet range

Dessert range

Filled chocolate range

Tradition range

  • Dark Chocolate

    Dark Chocolate

    Chocolate with pure cocoa butter, 43% cocoa. ...
  • Milk Chocolate

    Milk Chocolate

    Quality chocolate with pure cocoa butter: the perfect treat for your child...
  • White Chocolate

    White Chocolate

    Sheer pleasure for the young... and older ones! ...